Hi SongwriterDemo,
I know we are “done” in that I asked you folks to arrange/produce/and perform one of my songs and you all did just that. (probably should have said “ya’all” – but I’m from Minnesota so… well enough said) Anyway I couldn’t be happier. You folks do quality work at very reasonable prices. Your setup allows me to pick the voice that I want on my song! Of course there was a fabulous band behind the song. A big part of you is all business and I appreciate that. But I know this too, SongwriterDemo’s heart is “all in’ on everything they do and that is why I have such a wonderful product produced by them. ROCKS! And I’ll tell God and everybody that! Thank you all ( or ya’all if that’s better ) for everything.
I love what you did for me.

Christopher Lee Gimm
Secretary of the Minnesota Association of Songwriters

Hi SongwriterDemos,

I just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work. And for putting up with my rewrites. The funny thing is I ended up sticking with the originals. You have an amazing staff behind you, and I can only rant and rave about your work. So thank you! The songs I think turned out really well. I will womansinger3definitely be back for future recordings! Tell everyone I am forever in debt for their beautiful vocals and of course my songs wouldn’t be what they are without you! Now it’s time to market them so wish me luck! I will keep you posted!

Nicole Sullivan

You guys did an amazing job!!! Just like I pictured but better!!! I love everything about it. Make sure and tell everyone who participated in this what an amazing job they did for me. . I would love for you guys to cut more of my songs as well. I will be sending more soon.

Thank you so much,

I am writing to let all know about SongWriterDemo, their services are great. I have had 5 songs demoed by them in the past few months, all of which I have received back in about 1-2 weeks, time. The quality was great, the vocalists did a tremendous job with the lyrics. When I needed them to be powerful and emotional in my song they were. When I needed them to be fun and strong, again they were. I have done all types of music with them, and to tell you the truth, I would use their services again and again.

Jim R.
From MA.

“SongwriterDemo.Com has been instrumental in my vision to become a Country songwriter/lyricist. Although new to the industry, I have learned much from these folks during and after the time they put my lyrics to music. I could not have accomplished the “Nashville Sound” that I wanted for my lyrics without them.”

SongwriterDemo.Com is well worth the investment for the serious or casual songwriter/lyricist. …Michael Cipoletti,
“This is an excellent sounding demo!!”…..TAXI A & R

For years, I have been dealing with SongwriterDemo and the entourage of musicians and singers there. The following is a partial list of some of the POSITIVE experiences I’ve had.
1. So many of my songs, produced and recorded here that have reached No #1 on so many charts around the world, I simply am unable to chronicle them all.

2. So many of the songs I’ve recorded with SongwriterDemo.Com have gotten so many “Grand” reviews from DJs and Critics around the Globe…I simply couldn’t mention them all here.

3. The studio at SongwriterDemo.Com is a “breeding ground” for up and coming Nashville emerging artists. I don’t know where he finds his talent, but they are SCINTILLATING!!!!!!

4. SongwriterDemo puts together a SUPERB musician, arranger, vocalist!

I’ve been in the recording business for 40 years. Recorded in NY, LA, Boston, name it. I’ve just never done better than what I’ve done with the folks at SongwriterDemo.Com. NEVER!!!!!!!! DIXON DEVORE II


Dear Billy ,
Bravo ! You did a great job on my newest tune . Please extend my heartfelt gratitude to Michael and Eugene . Their work , and yours , is exemplary. I was going through my catalogue yesterday and since 1999 you have produced 35 of my songs . In truth , everything I know about song writing you have taught me through our work together . At first I sent you poems I awkwardly set to music . To say they were rough would be a very kind assessment . The last song just completed in no way resembles my earliest efforts . Thank You !
Warmest regards , Thomas

Dear SongWriterDemo team:
I am writing to let you know how pleased and impressed I am with your demo-producing services. My partner and I are the composers of a new Broadway-style musical that includes an original soundtrack containing songs of a variety of musical genres. Your team has produced outstanding demos of Country, Blues, Showtunes, Motown and Standards. I am particularly pleased by the vocal abilities of the talented singers to accurately capture the spirit of each number in terms of phrasing, intonation and vocal stylings. Working with you has been a total pleasure. You are responsive, work fast and are dedicated to producing a quality product, even throwing in some vocal back-ups to when needed. Also, your pricing is competitive and is in the range of any songwriter who wishes to hear what his or her creation sounds like when performed by talented artists. You have my highest recommendation.—Peter Weisz, Composer    No Privileges, a Major Medical Musical