If you record 4 songs with us you get the 5th one free. (full demos, at least a standard package and must be recorded within a 2 month period)

Standard package: 5 instruments (drums, bass, lead guitar, acoustic guitar & piano), Male or Female vocal …$375

Add additional instruments: Steel Guitar, Saxophone, Mandolin, Fiddle, Clarinet, Flute, Oboe, English Horn…$50 each

Premium Package: 6 Instruments, Male or Female vocals, background vocals, mastering…$450

Basic Package: Guitar or Piano plus Vocal…$250 ($50 extra to write the melody)

Writing melodies for songs: …$50 (included in the premium package).

We can send you the Stems/WAV files of your project for $25

We can also put together a per song “Live” session with band and book a studio, this includes producing, writing charts, scheduling musicians, the studio, mixing and mastering, drums, guitar, steel guitar, piano, background vocalists, bass guitar, fiddle….$1200

Please see our “Pick A Singer” page as we also have examples of Live Horn Sections for you to hear!

Call or email us for prices on projects that require hiring a live band as every project is different and has different requirements and therefore the cost varies. We can put together professional teams of musicians that can get the best sound for your project!  Please see our “Pick A Singer” page as we also have examples of Horn Sections! We can also do sections consisting of Clarinets, Flutes and Oboes.

Payment can be done with Paypal using our or money order and/or checks. For clients outside the USA, paypal will do the money conversion into US dollars.

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